BrainUp Smart Sleep-Aid

Applied to finance and insurance, smart home,entertainment,
security and other industries AI opens a new man-machine interaction mode

Brain Integrated Solution Specialist

We provide portable brain monitoring devices embedded with high-precision chips and sensors such as non-invasive EEG headset, sleep aid machine system, electroencephalograph, brain fMRI, brain monitoring wearables and etc. We support all forms of front-end such as APP, PC, Intranet software, H5 and other terminals. The high-performance cloud computing service and multi-dimensional brain processing algorithm record real time brain signals under any application stand. The calculation precision and speed reach hundreds pieces of data per second and convert into useful brain information that people can understand.

Our products cover applications from EEG monitoring device, emotional detection to consciousness capture and mind typing. We hope to improve the understanding of the human brain through our wide range of solutions. We are establishing comprehensive brain solution platform. By monitoring and analyzing real-time brain data we provide a comprehensive solution including software, hardware and data analysis API for our insurance, health, entertainment and other industry partners.

Mental Health and brain ability Assessment

1. Patented brain monitoring devices (wearable, portable, fixed desktop).
2. 20-50 indices of brain components and reference range: brain energy, brain chaos, left and right brain deviation, endogenous anxiety, etc.
3. Comprehensive screening report: memory, depression, anxiety, fatigue, neurasthenia, etc.
4. Overall recommendation report based on the mental health and brain ability assessment.

Entertainment, Security, Insurance, Smart Home, etc.’s Customized Solutions

1. In the entertainment industry, we detect users‘ biometrics data including hearing, vision, multiple feelings, emotions, social reactions, etc., to provide entertainment company guidance with film editing, game planning, brain-controlled VR, etc.

2. In the security field, we participate in the national “Smart Helmet Project” to conduct real-time alarm and worker management based on the workers' concentration, fatigue, mental status and irritability

3. In the financial industry, we provide portable health screening equipment to support insurance agents customer acquisition, to improve general public’s awareness of mental health and brain ability problems, to increase the viscosity between agents and customers, and to develop UBI health insurance products with insurance companies jointly.

4. In the smart home industry, we utilize embedded solutions such as brain-controlled home switches and brain-controlled toys; jointly develop with the top smart home and toy giants in China.

5. In the marriage and love sex industry, we have landed products in orgasm monitoring, premarital check and matching system in hospitals to improve the harmony of husband and wife’s sex life.

Sleep-aid and Meditation

The brain waves’ activity pattern is related to the frequency of external interaction, and brain waves can be induced and induced through different brain wave frequencies. There are two core incentives of poor sleep quality. One is difficult to fall asleep (insomnia), and the other is difficult to get into deep sleep (sleep too lightly). Due to the individual brain differences of each person, Phillips Inc. first introduced the brain-assisted sleep headset in 2019. It adopts the sleep centers’ technology to generate different frequencies for different users. We further optimize the approach by using AI algorithm to generate customized brain wave induction to guide people into each sleep phase. The induced brain wave frequency continues to decrease helping the user to go from shallow sleep to deep sleep. The Smart Sleep device by BrainUp can improve the effective sleep of humans, promote brain vitality during the day, and make work and life full of motivation.

Brain gym for all ages

Interpret the overall brain conditions and brain age scores based on the EEG signal map and the component scores of each module, and give optimization suggestion plans.

1. Memory: enhance short-term and long-term memory levels.

2. Reaction: improve reaction speed based on brain assessment.

3. Focus: determine the concentration degree of brain and plan for targeted improvement.