Brain Training & 20 Minutes Smart Sleep-Aid Wearable

Multi-dimensional frontier technology makes your everyday refreshed.

Brain state real-time monitoring / brain wave deep sleep-aid wearable/ brain and mental health screening

Brain signal monitoring

Sleep quality report, 20 minutes guide-to-sleep

Brain and mental health screening

BrainUp is like a "Brain Gym".Get brain metrics through real-time examination.Implement personalized brain training program.Understand your brain starting from BrainUp.We provide various practical and most frontier brain-signal-based applications such as sleep-aid headset, brain training program, brain-wave music composing and brain-controlled smart home.

Brain State Capture

Examine your brain signals in real time like a heart-rate detector.

Mental State Capture

Examine your mental state in real time like a body-fat weight scale.

Micromagnetic + Acoustic Guided Sleep-aid Wearable

Relax your brain and mental state like a SPA for the brain.

Leading Brain Data Processing and Brain Intervention Algorithm
The BrainUp brain-computer interface headset adopts a number of patented brain signal circuts units such as high-precision EEG monitoring chips, signal amplification, artifact path elimination, feature extraction and etc. with encrypted AI algorithm such as SVM, sparse Bayesian correlation vector (RVM) and artificial neural network (ANN).

All-rounded Speciality and Credentiality

Replace the Traditional Sleep-aid Products; Adopt the Stanford University Sleep Center Approach

6 calibrated EEG brain sensors

Certified EEG System: Trustworthy and Safe

A Number of Domestic and International Patents

Continuous Innovation, Expanding Cognitive Boundaries, Product Value

  • 1Brain signal detection system
  • 2Brain data real-time processing algorithm
  • 3Brain and mental health monitoring and early screening
  • 4Smart Sleep-Aid Wearable
  • 5Intelligent EEG sleep monitoring system
  • 6Brain-controlled-interface API platform
  • 7Hardware design, UI design, etc.

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