release time-07-30
Android Development Engineer 急
BrainUp Research Institute | Beijing-Haidian District
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Job description:
l Responsible for software development;
l Develop and debug related Android applications;
l Learning and researching new technologies to meet the needs of products;
l Responsible for the analysis and summary of the problems in the software development process, according to the experience in the development process, put forward suggestions for product improvement;
Job Requirements:
l Bachelor degree or above, major in computer software or related field, 3 years working experience in software development;
l Very solid Java language programming, debugging knowledge, experience, skills;
l 熟悉Android系统架构及用户界面实现相关技术,能够编写Android自定义控件,有自主开发的Android应用程序上线者优先;
l Understand Android memory management mechanisms and the underlying technology architecture of Android
l Familiar with common design patterns
l Strong motivation, strong learning adaptability, optimistic and self-confident, can challenge themselves and constantly pursue excellence;
l Strong pressure resistance, can be competent for project promotion work, adapt to high-intensity, fast-paced working environment.