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Customized and efficient ecological approach, together with the hardware, display and data comprehensive solution, we make understanding human brain easier and our partners more intelligent.

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Core Platform

"Brain monitoring + analysis" integrated solution specialist

Brain signal monitoring system

Provide devices with high precision for brain monitoring such as EEG headset and fMRI; collect full set of brain data of different dimensions under all application scenarios.

Brain data real-time processing algorithm & Data security

Use AI algorithms to analyze the original brain signal in real time to come up with various effective brain information such as brain health, auditory, vision, fatigue, brain potentials, mind-reading, ect.

Brain and mental health early screening

Monitor brain health from the EEG signal early screening product; generate brain ability map and the component scores of each module; use brain waves to guide sleep and meditation

Systems that support all forms of front and back ends

Provide different forms of displays of brain data and final results that support APP, PC, H5, etc.

BrainUp Joint Product Cases

Provide customized solutions to exponentially increase values for our partners

Brain and Mental Health Screening

Smart Massage Sleep-Aid Wearable

Bio-signal Detect Safety Hat

Intelligent VR Game Glasses


The headset adopts a number of patented brain signal units such as high-precision EEG monitoring chips, signal amplification, artifact path elimination, feature extraction and etc. with encrypted AI algorithm such as SVM, sparse Bayesian correlation vector (RVM) and artificial neural network (ANN).

Multiple plans

We provide brain-computer wearable, software and real-time EEG analysis algorithm whole solution API for insurance, financial, health, entertainment and other industries; embedded forms are also supported.

End + cloud

Through the brain open cloud platform, real-time brain analysis is performed under the high-performance computing service and the multi-dimensional EEG processing algorithms; support multi-concurrent large volume of data and independent protected brain database for customers.

Create personalized service for you

Provide customized solutions to create higher value for our partners

Financial & insurance solution

Provide brain-computer interface wearable products for financial and insurance industry to expand services including brain health screening, customer acquisition, health insurance product pricing, and etc.

Entertainment solution

Provide real-time biometrics evaluation solutions for film and gaming companies to detect audience’s emotions and boring degree to help film editing, actor selection and etc. as well as players' biometrics to optimize game planning and user experience.

Security solution

The smart helmet can monitor workers' brain fatigue, anxiety, etc., and generates real-time alarm of danger. the brain-based polygraph is used in national security.

Aging industry solution

Analyze the brain health of the old; record daily brain data to monitor current brain conditions.

Professional makes trustworthy

Our AI-empowered brain solution expertise to make partnership 1 + 1 > 2

Outstanding team

The predecessor of naolu group comes from the domestic top hardware products, artificial intelligence and marketing company. Its comprehensive professional background is the main reason for efficient product marketization in a short time. The technical team has achieved great success in the artificial intelligence algorithm competition at home and abroad. The marketing team has managed more than 40 provincial sales companies and tens of thousands of sales teams.

Safer and more reliable system

BrainUp was born at Stanford University and Tsinghua University labs with a number of neuroscience patents.

More personalized solutions

Support all forms of applications; provide independent brain health databases for partners, create safe and easy-to-use brain eco system.