Focusing on brain science cutting-edge technologies such as brain health screening, eeg-based BCI applications and Brain-Inspired Cognitive System(BICS)

The leading Brain-Computer Interface Platform

Brain signal detecting + identifying applications; leading the era of "Strong AI"

BrainUp integrated real-time brain signal detecting solution

Have applied in insurance, energy, film, and game industries

BrainUp Research Institute

Tsinghua University, Stanford University, Harvard University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other top universities’ joint research; PLA General Hospital, Xiehe Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital, Beijing Medical College and other top medical centers’ joint projects

Brain future

Brain wave music composition, mind-typing, brain-controlled smart home

Driven by brain-inspired AI algorithm; supported by multi-dimensional technologies

The client terminal, together with the high-performing computing equipment and the multi-dimensional brain signal processing algorithm, records the human brain under different circumstances in real time. Decoding signal data into useful information for our clients.
BrainUp adopts its patented EEG processing deep learning algorithm framework in all applications. Based on the actual business scenarios, we develop integrated brain signal recognition and application product solutions consisting hardware sensors, software, cloud terminal and AI algorithm. We help industries to increase perception of human brains, to understand and record brains and to upgrade the overall accuracy and practicality of brain technology.
EEG-based brain and mental health screening, brain state recognition, emotional and attention diagnosis, consciousness capture, mind typing, brain control, etc., have been widely used in insurance, finance, medical, entertainment and other industries. We provide personalized software and hardware API interfaces for brain data analysis. Through the brain open cloud platform, our business and research partners have established integrated company based on real-time monitoring and analysis.

Brain Science: The “destined path” in the Age of AI

The great potential of brain science is once again highly valued by governments, academics and business giants.

BCI: the explosion of AI leads to a new human-computer interface

The brain-computer interface is a new type of input and output method that humans interact with the outside world. Its applications span a wide range of industry fields.

The Brain-computer Interface (BCI) is a technology that enables the “direct interaction” between the human brain and computer. This technology decodes the brainwave signal and translates it into instructions that the computer can read.

The brain-computer interface operating system has also become a "human-machine" interactive system following Windows (computer operating system), iOS & Android (mobile phone operating system), Alexa (voice operating system), etc.

The development of brain-computer interface has achieved mind-typing (average input of 39 letters in 1 minute); control of the mouse brain to manipulate its behaviour; treatment of various brain diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson's, depression, insomnia and etc.; brain and mental health screening, etc.

The existing brain-computer interface applications have been widely applied in the fields of health, medical, military, education, entertainment, home, etc., and have great practical prospects.

Brain Science: becomes a "competing area" for world major countries

The great potential of brain science is recognized as the “ultimate territory”, and is highly valued by governments to successively invest in.

China Brain Project
The “13th Five-Year Plan” released in March 2016 listed “Brain Science and Brain-inspired Research” as “Science and Technology Innovation 2030 Major Project”. The China Brain Program is a 15-year plan (2016-2030) focusing in two directions: the brain science research that explores brain foundations, brain diseases and the brain-inspired research that is oriented toward the establishment and development of AI. The goal is to achieve the world leading technology in the forefront of brain science in the next 15 years.
The US BRAIN Initiative
The US government introduced the BRAIN Initiative in 2013. The goals include exploring the working mechanisms of the human brain and developing treatments for incurable brain problems. The budget for the BRAIN Initiative in the US federal government's fiscal year 2017 has increased to $434 million, more than four times the 2014 fiscal year.
The Japan Brain/MINDS
Brain/MINDS is a neuroscience research project initiated by Japanese scientists in 2014. The project consists of 65 laboratories in 47 research units in Japan, and will be continuously funded by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and the Japanese Medical Research and Development Commission for 40 billion yen (about $365 million) in 10 years.
The EU Human Brain Program
In 2013 the European Union launched the Human Brain Project involving 135 partner institutions in 26 countries. The program is considered to be the world's most advanced brain science research program, coordinated by the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne with a budget of 1.2 billion euros and an expected research period of 10 years. It focuses on simulating brain function through supercomputer technology to achieve a strong AI foundation.
The Australia Brain Initiative
In February 2016 the Australia Brain Alliance established the Brain Initiative, a collection of scientists in the Australian neuroscience and behavioural sciences, supporting brain research projects for more than 28 member organizations. The first goal is to develop therapeutic methods by revealing brain abnormalities of neuropsychiatric diseases; the second is to improve brain power by coding cognitive functions of neural circuits and brain networks; and third is to develop new drugs and next-generation wearable device.


Meditation, relaxation and sleep aid

Machine generates frequency waves based on users’ real-time brain signals, and guides into deep brain waves.

Detect brain multidimensional status and mental health

Real-time detection of user's concentration, fatigue, irritability, etc. with alarm and mental health management.

Smart home

Provide brain-controlled smart home, brain-controlled toys and other system interfaces solutions; Joint-develop with domestic and international top smart homes and children's toy giants.