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AI-empowered brain computer
interface and its applications platform

About Us

BrainUp – AI-empowered brain computer interface and its applications platform

Naolu Technology (also known as BrainUp) is a company focusing on the application of human brain cutting-edge technologies such as brain computer interface, early screening of brain health and artificial intelligence of brain-like decision computing. We specialize in-depth in EEG sleep-aid, brain fMRI image analysis and industry real-time brain diagnose solutions. Our products and solutions are widely used in health institutions, companies and universities

What we are doing?

We hope to establish brain-computer integrated application solution company based on the "real-time brain signal" algorithm. Through the BrainUp Cloud Platform, we provide EEG hardware device, software system, real-time brain analysis algorithm API interface and data analysis platform for financial, insurance, health, entertainment and other industries. Our cooperate partners can analyze brain data in real-time scenarios of their users and establish a brain database of customers.

Our technology

We built high-precision EEG monitoring chips, high-performance cloud computing equipment and multiple-dimensional EEG data analysis algorithm to record the real-time brain signals in different application scenarios. The system contains multiple patents. Through the BrainUp Open API platform our partners obtain EEG data from various industries to improve humans’ understanding of brain, cognition and moreover brain intervention. We provide brain-based solutions, and create new interactive products.

Our dreams

Build a leading AI-empowered brain technology platform. Use brain science to enhance human happiness. Lead the next generation human-computer interface.

Who we are?

BrainUp was founded at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Tsinghua University. Our core team are all with master's degree or above, majoring in cognitive neurology, brain science, data science. Our board and advisors contain industry leaders in the fields of finance, entertainment, health, Internet giants, consumer electronics and world brain science icons.

Core Team

Carve product with the power of technology

Xiaoan Wang
Xiaoan Wang
Harvard University, master
University of California, Berkeley, double bachelors
Stanford University, MBA

World 500 Cooperation executive
CEO of a hundreds-of-billions-RMB annual sales national insurance agent company

CEO of a national known Fintech company
Shuqiang Lu
Shuqiang Lu
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tsinghua University, fellow
University of Chicago, Ph.D
Tsinghua University, 2nd Ph.D
MIT, Bachelor

Co-founder of a top AI–based medical imaging company
Specialist advisor of the National Health Commission China AI division committee
Pengcheng Ma
Al Director
Al Director
Pengcheng Ma
Chinese Academy of Sciences, associate researcher

CEO of a Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence big data company
Director of Algorithms of a well-known artificial intelligence medical imaging company

Winner of several gold awards in the world Intelligent Algorithm competitions and many patents
Hao Pang
Director of R&D
Director of R&D
Hao Pang
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Ph.D
Tsinghua University, postdoctoral

Leader of the China Nuclear High Base Project and 863 National Project
Organizer of the Air Force General Hospital remote medical examination system
Founder of the National Institute of AI Smart Medical Professional Committee
Wei Liu
Hardware Director
Hardware Director
Wei Liu
Chinese Academy of Sciences, master

General Manager of Hardware of a well-known consumer electronics company

Head of hardware of Hainan Security Electronics Co., Ltd.
17 years of chips and circuits experience

Growth Path

Our journey is the sea and the stars

2018.6 BrainUp founded
2018.9 Received Angel investment
2018.12 Launched the first generation of BrainUp product
2019.3 Expanded the brain-computer to-business solutoins to insurance, enterntainment, massage devices industries
2019.5 Launched the brain health screening products based on real-time EEG
2019.6 Obtained dozens of patents; started cfda process and cooperated with many local governments
2019.7 Completed pre-A round 10+ million RMB investment
2019.6 Obtained dozens of patents; started cfda process and cooperated with many local governments

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